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With gratitude to all clients including:

Accenture, Big Idea, CADA Design Group, Coley Porter Bell, Conran Design, Digital Equipment, Here’s Health Magazine, Havas Helia, Janus Henderson, John Brimacombe & Co, KPMG, Lloyd Northover, Marketplace Design, Marks & Spencer, Nettle Design, Nucleus Design, Oasis, Packaging Innovation, Photon, Philosophy Design, Radio Times, Saatchi & Saatchi Design, Shortland Publications, Silk Pearce, Smithfield Design, Superunion, The Observer.

Girvan the illustrator walking on a sandy beach

Girvan Roberts lived and worked as an illustrator and designer in Europe for 22 years. She currently resides in New Zealand and continues to work globally.

Girvan is a versatile illustrator. Her experience is founded in graphic design, branding, corporate identity, visualising, and illustration. Conversant with children’s book illustration, editorial illustration, packaging, product design rendering, and backdrop design and implementation she champions clients and entrepreneurs to visually communicate their stories — uniting verbal with visual.


Interested in creative expression, neuroscience, psychology, yoga, consciousness, holistic health, and environmental issues Girvan holds qualifications in Visual Communication Design (Massey University, formerly Wellington Polytechnic), and Yogic Studies & Teaching (India and Australia).


Girvan is primarily a brush wielder and works with acrylic, gouache, watercolour, ink, pencil, pastels, and digital techniques. Being a curious experimenter she enjoys playing with different mediums and adapting to challenges. Girvan is committed to demystifying your illustration needs with awareness and understanding.

Girvan closeup

Ideas are brought to life and become seen and heard. Girvan listens to a clients needs and together collaborates by way of the creative process to achieve an exceptional solution.

With gratitude to all clients, including:


Big Idea    

CADA Design Group

Coley Porter Bell

Conran Design 
Digital Equipment 

Here’s Health Magazine
Havas Helia
Janus Henderson

John Brimacombe & Co
Lloyd Northover    

Marketplace Design    
Marks & Spencer
Nettle Design
Nucleus Design
Packaging Innovation 

Philosophy Design
Radio Times
Saatchi & Saatchi Design
Shortland Publications
Silk Pearce

Smithfield Design

The Observer

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