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man up ladder trimming a tree that has a clock face with a yellow sunset in the background
man adjusting sprinklers to water trees
Irrigation man
large orchard
people following a plan, watering, trimming & caring for trees
Man clipping tree
man trimming tree in the shape of the planet earth
swallows flying on a blue sky background
cubist style painting of keys, newspaper, cigarettes, fruits, and wine bottle still life
people jumping across tropical islands on a vibrant blue sea
person thinking of the pros & cons of a holiday such as fun, new adventures, warmth, water sports, flying, activities, and self care
yellow & blue swallows flying on a black background
Obsever blue
Black & white woodcut stylised fruits and money symbols – apples, grapes
woman sitting outside at cafe table with cake & coffee
cafe waiter walking with serving dish
juggler using juggling balls
Two trapeze artists about to catch each other illustrating trust building & collaboration
visual of a potted cactus
visual of strawberries & banana
£ symbol & clock face
people walking in a line
boats on the sea
mediterranean house with cypress trees and sun
citroen car, trees, road, and water.
glasses & wine bottle on a table
people pushing a huge door open
people painting with large paintbrush from a blue container
business man holding a mobile phone running in front of cityscape with overhead planes & IT
man running from large folders, files, & papers
people interacting with charts in a meeting
people using wall chart systems in a business meeting
IT systems on islands being linked together
old workhorse floppy disk
cartoon of stand alone disk
cartoon of powerful disks
cartoon of old floppy disk
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